Tips and tricks: Asiimov skins in CS:GO

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Game - Skins in CS:GO are some of the most popular and expensive loot in gaming today.

There is quite a bit of money flying around to acquire some of the most desirable designs out there. However, none of them look as cool and unique as the Asiimov series skins. With a color palette of white, black, and orange, these skins offer a futuristic look that is unlike any other design. Wondering what the story behind the Asiimov series is? This post will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Who developed the Asiimov skins?

The Asiimov skin series in CS:GO was created by Coridium. These talented skin designers design and publish their skins on Steam. Thanks to Asiimov's popularity, their reputation as designers has grown significantly as everyone who plays CS:GO wants one of the sci-fi based skins. Outside of CS:GO skins, Coridium has also created designs for games like DOTA 2 and aspires to one day create their own game.

What was the inspiration behind the Asiimov skins?

According to Coridium, the main source of inspiration for the skin series was pop culture science fiction. Drawing inspiration from titles ranging from classics like Isaac Asimov's novels to more current works like Titanfall and Mass Effect, Coridium wanted to bring a dose of sci-fi inspired loot to CS:GO's more militaristic atmosphere. They felt that the color combination used in the Asiimov skin series was one that was regularly seen across the sci-fi spectrum, so they decided to make it the main palette for the now mega-popular skins.

What CS:GO weapons do Asiimov skins come with?

You can purchase Asiimov skins for 5 different weapons in CS:GO, most of which are among the most popular weapons in the game. The first weapon to receive the Asiimov treatment from Coridium was the M4A4. After that, it was the AWP, the best sniper rifle in CS:GO. Coridium then created Asiimov skins for the AK-47, the most famous rifle in history, followed by the P90 and the P250.

Which is the most iconic Asiimov skin?

The AWP, arguably the most iconic sniper rifle in the history of gaming, holds this honor. The AWP Asiimov skin is not only the most expensive of all the skins in the series, but also one of the oldest. When it was released in 2014, there wasn't that much competition for loot and skins in CS:GO. That's not to say that the look of the Asiimov skin isn't great. It's brilliant and stands out. However, the fact that he's had so much time to embed himself into the CS:GO culture makes him one of the most iconic AWP skins in the game. And that's pretty much all there is to know about Asiimov skins in CS:GO. Whether you agree with the iconic status of the series or not, one thing is for sure: there is no weapon skin out there that is as reminiscent of science fiction as this one. If you want one of these, however, you'll have to pay a pretty penny or get mega lucky with the loot drops. But we already have the LOOT Asiimov as an affordable drink with unmistakable citrus mojito flavor!


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