Can LOOT be used in any other life area besides gaming?

Our LOOT products are not limited to the gaming sector alone. Many of our customers also use LOOT to work, study, for longer car rides, and even at parties with a bit of a buzz in it. Just find out for yourself what other activities LOOT can help you with.

What is the best way to take LOOT?

For consumption, we recommend mixing 1 serving (8 g powder) with 500 ml of cold water in a LOOT shaker. Add ice cubes to complete the whole thing.  

How is LOOT different from other nutritional supplements?

Our goal is to create the best booster for gamers and for the sake of that we go the extra mile. For this reason, we have not spared any expense or effort in the development of the LOOT formula, in order to create the perfect formula for gamers. In addition, we use only the highest quality ingredients and natural flavours and colors.

What do I get for my money at LOOT?

9 months of development with experts from various fields, for the perfectly dosed ingredients, combined with the special taste of each variety, show how much heart and soul and premium quality is in our Game Boosters. Hold our CUBE in your hand and you will immediately notice the clear difference in quality to conventional energy drinks.

How many servings does one can of LOOT contain?

Our LOOT Game Booster weigh 400 gr. and contain 50 great servings full of power. So your LOOT Cube provides you with energy for months!

Does LOOT contain caffeine?

The LOOT Game Booster contains an optimally balanced amount of caffeine, including natural sources such as green tea or guarana, to stimulate a correspondingly high focus and all without crash.  

Are minors allowed to consume LOOT?

We recommend the consumption of our LOOT Game Booster from the age of 18.

When are new varieties or more products coming from LOOT?

We are working hard every day to bring you new flavours on a regular basis based on your requests. You can expect completely unique new products in the near future that will take each of your games to a new level.  

Is it possible to mix several LOOT varieties?

Yes! There are no limits to your creativity. We are always happy to get the craziest combinations proposed by you.