Superfoods for gaming are important! - Bacopa monnieri

Superfoods for gaming are important! If you need energy while gaming, classic energy drinks are often of little help. They boost your energy level for a short time due to a high sugar content, caffeine and possibly guarana, but cause fatigue when the effect wears off. With Bacopa monnieri extracts, you not only refresh yourself, but also stimulate your brain to perform at its best. Here's the story behind this trendy plant:

Superfoods, they are everywhere. Shelves upon shelves in discount stores and pharmacies are filled with plants that promise more power. One of them is Bacopa monnieri, known as "Kleines Fettblatt" in German ("little fat leaf"). The plant grows wild in warm and humid areas of Africa, Asia, South America and even Australia and is now also extensively cultivated to distill the valuable ingredients. It also plays an important role in our LOOT Game Booster, complementing ginseng, green tea and many other extracts to create a real powerhouse.

What is Bacopa monnieri and why is the plant in such demand?
The small fat leaf was first classified in the 18th century by the French botanist Louis Guillaume Le Monnier. The small, herbaceous plant takes inconspicuous in swamp landscapes. It can catch the eye only during flowering, with the tiny white inflorescences attracting only the smallest insects. The fat leaves store water and, with sufficient nutrient uptake, produce powerful compounds that make them so attractive to humans.

Flavonoids such as luteolin and apigenin, phytosterols, saponins and triterpenes have been detected in Bacopa monnieri. Also the so-called brahmin, an alkaloid named after the Indian name of the plant, can be extracted and used as a substitute for strychnine. Nicotine and herpestine have also been described as ingredients. How high the contained dose is in each case differs according to location and available nutrients. The plant thus contains numerous ingredients that are toxic to humans in concentrated form, but also saponins that have a positive effect on the intestinal flora, for example, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Bacopa monnieri as a memory booster

Moreover, the plant is particularly well known and popular in the Ayurvedic tradition of India. From this region also comes the custom of using parts of Bacopa monnieri as stimulants for memory performance. Many fans of the superfood swear by taking Bacopa monnieri as a dietary supplement before a learning session, such as in a school or college setting. They report that the plant extracts make them highly concentrated and focused. Admittedly, the study situation is unfortunately not yet extensive, the herb must still be sufficiently more researched in its effectiveness for better brain function and is mostly used as an anti-inflammatory. The intake should also not be overdone, in high doses nausea and dizziness can occur and the toxic effects of the plant outweigh. LOOT therefore only contains quantities that we can justify according to the current state of science. However, the plant is definitely a must-have for the special flow state. The increasing popularity of Bacopa monnieri is mainly explained by the fact that it seems to increase performance for a longer time than other plant extracts. That's why we rely on a complex of 20 different active ingredients in our Flow State® formula.

With performance boosters through the gaming session?

While gaming, you want to show full commitment and set new best performances alone or in a team. Energy drinks with Bacopa monnieri can support this and improve your focus for a longer period of time. E-sports professionals know that nutrition is becoming increasingly important in e-sports and competitive gaming. An all-around healthy diet with enough nutrients to keep your brain fit for a long session is essential if you want to deliver a strong performance. LOOT drinks can help you optimize the next few hours, but at some point, sleep and relaxation are also essential.

As with all supplements, be sure to balance your intake of more complex drinks with Bacopa monnieri. Our LOOT Premium Gaming Boosters are particularly low in sugar, but are real powerhouses when it comes to increased caffeine and vitamin and mineral content. A single dose of LOOT, for example with the Ultra Instinct ® Bundle, gives you enough energy for many hours - and no crash at the end. But you still have to sleep at some point 😉. If you don't normally consume caffeine at all, we recommend cautiously approaching the drinks with a half dose.

How LOOT improves your game flow & performance

PC and console gaming is really hard work for your brain. You use all your senses to recognize opponents even faster, to react as fast as lightning and to aim precisely. It's physically and mentally demanding. That's where we come in with our unique Flow State® formula. With our new generation LOOT Energy Drinks, you'll not only be momentarily awake and alert, but also fully focused and calm at the same time. Where caffeine alone can quickly make you inattentive due to nervousness, our plant extracts step in and are there for your nerves. The result is a clear, calm but energetic tunnel vision towards your next goal. Each LOOT drink is packed with botanicals and other concentration enhancers. You'll even see these as you shake, and they're the floating particles that settle to the bottom after a while. Anyone who complains about the lack of the last bit of solubility here is probably otherwise ingesting pure chemistry and has not understood the principle of the Flow State® formula and superfood plant extracts. 

In addition to Bacopa monnieri, we also have green tea, ginkgo and ginseng integrated as plant extracts. In addition, there are dextrose, taurine, caffeine, guarana and many vitamins and minerals. The dextrose is the sugar and helps against the rather bitter plant taste. But consider this: 500ml of cola has about 54g of sugar (!), while LOOT has just 2.1g, which is less than 4% of a cola or energy drink. We prefer to resort to plant-based substances much more. Many gamers like to forget to grab a healthy meal between sessions. With an extra vitamin C, B, magnesium and zinc, your body gets some of what the immune system needs and supports - so that you can get through the day well even when you're not gaming, which ideally means you won't catch a cold.

You can count on LOOT for the long haul

With LOOT you have your next-level energy drink for gaming. More and more gamers are realizing that playing and training as much as possible is one thing, but at some point it reaches its limits. The day has only 24 hours. Nutrition and a focus booster, on the other hand, are additional levers that you can optimize at the same time to reach a new level of concentration and performance. We are gamers ourselves and therefore only develop things that we are passionate about. And that's why we are honest and advise not to use LOOT permanently and for every gaming session. It needs a balance of gaming, sports, sleep and everyday life (school, studies, job).

This means that we will continue to adjust the formula as new scientific findings come to light, so that we can always offer you the best possible Game Booster. You can count on that. Now: Game on and remember: superfoods for gaming are important!


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