Watermelon - taste: sweet, fruity and popular

Who doesn't know it, the big, green melon that can be found in every supermarket, especially in spring and summer? Melons enjoy a special popularity among German fruit lovers. But not only the pure, round fruit can be found in the markets of Germany in the meantime, because also sweets, chewing gums and drinks show the watermelon taste. But how did it come about? Here you can find the watermelon history.

Where does the watermelon come from?

The original watermelon, which has many other names, comes from Africa. It was a useful plant there. Names like "Angurie", "Arbuse", "Pasteke" and " citron cucumber" also describe the sweet fruit. Moreover, it is amazing that there are currently about 1200 varieties of the fresh fruit, which are used and eaten by us every day. All varieties differ in taste, but sometimes only in nuances. Also, not all melons are the same in appearance, but they are very similar. Flesh in red, yellow, orange or white are not uncommon. Likewise, the seeds are variable in shape, color and frequency. Seedless melons are especially popular with Germans, and for this reason usually sell out faster.

Where is the watermelon grown?

Large watermelon plantations are often found only in very warm countries that have a long warm weather phase. The best growing conditions for watermelon are found in warm, sun-protected and moist places. The soil should be very loose and nourished. Since the soil should store a lot of water, watermelons are usually grown in huge greenhouses, since there the cultivation conditions can be implemented most easily.

What is actually contained in a watermelon?

The watermelon delivers what its name promises - it consists of over 90% water. However, the watermelon is not only a thirst quencher, but also a vitamin bomb. Important vitamin varieties such as vitamin A and vitamin C support watermelon and make it a healthy snack.

What does the world-famous fruit taste like?

Watermelons are described as refreshing and thirst-quenching. A sweetish, sometimes artificial tasting flavor complements the characteristics. The taste is unique and cannot be compared to any other fruit in the world. Similarities to other types of fruit cannot be found. Often the taste is also very watery. This depends on the breeding and growing conditions. The ripeness of the fruit is also an enormously important taste factor. At the ideal ripening point of the fruit, the sweetness is at its peak. The more water the fruit has been able to absorb during its growing process, the less intense the flavor will be at the end.

When did watermelon become the most popular all-around flavor on the scene?

Since 2010, you can find many products with the unique watermelon flavor in supermarkets. Chewing gums of the most popular brands, such as Trident, Extra and 5-Gum offer chewing mass with sweet melon flavor. Candy in the shape of a watermelon, and with the fruit flavor can be found more and more often in the candy aisles of a supermarket. Especially among younger generations, and especially Generation Y, the fruit flavor is here to stay. In some cases, generational occupants explicitly request the flavor when product manufacturers ask customers what they want. A few years later, after 2010, there was a boom of flavor in the beverage market.

Why is the taste a hit in the beverage market?

Starting in the night scene, beginning with many pink cocktails, melon and its flavor found a wide application and gained popularity. Especially in Zero drinks, the fruit flavor can be found, as watermelon in itself is a very low-calorie fruit. It has only 24 calories per 100g. A pioneer of these beverage brands was Volvic. Volvic launched "Volvic Touch Zero- Wassermelone" some time ago and was a complete success. We at LOOT wanted to jump on this success bandwagon, too. Finally, we can introduce you to our new flavors, which were dropped at the beginning of May.

Mighty Melon flavor at LOOT

You wanted it - you got it! After several weeks of searching for the right watermelon flavor that is not artificial, and not too sweet, we can finally offer you our Mighty Melon flavor in LOOT Cubes for purchase. Our "Mighty Melon" flavor combines all the benefits of watermelon flavor and is now already very popular among gamers. Many loyal LOOT fans describe the new LOOT flavor as "sweet, fruity and damn tasty!". If you want to see our new variety for yourself, click here to go to our online store.

New variety - same quality

Like all other fruity, and unique flavors at LOOT, Mighty Melon has been subjected to LOOT's strict quality criteria. You want the sharper focus, more energy and faster reactions for your gaming sessions? Your gaming equipment like gaming chair and gaming PC should not wait for you. You want to test both new flavors directly, plus the matching, exclusive Classic Black LOOT Shaker? We currently have a special offer - the fruity Double Power. Silver Storm is the second new flavor we've whipped out for you. Pineberry flavor you probably do not know yet. This wild and stormy variety is also waiting to be tested by you. Plus, you can save yourself some serious cash by buying the new flavors in a double pack! Go for it, because only when you've loosed, you're a real gaming pro.

And last but not least

Silver Storm and Mighty Melon will get you through the summer fresh and fruity. The warm gaming sessions in your room will become a pleasure and sweaty, tired nights will no longer be the order of the day. We hope you celebrate the varieties as much as we do! If you have any other wishes regarding a LOOT flavor, feel free to contact us. We care a lot about your wishes and hope to revoLOOTionize the gaming world together. Until then - Game on!


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