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Gaming has long been more than just a leisure activity that you can indulge in with a gamepad or mouse in hand. As passive entertainment for in-between times or as an evening-long program, gaming has long since taken a firm place in German living rooms and gaming rooms. Twitch Streamer - always up to date.


You can do this in a relaxed way on demand with Let's Plays on platforms like YouTube or as a live stream including chat and the thrill of being there live. Despite competitors like YouTube Gaming or the now discontinued Mixer from Microsoft, streaming and watching streams is still synonymous with Twitch. In this article, we'll tell you who the 5 most popular German Twitch streamers are, who's behind the gamer tags, and of course, what's being played there.

Below you can find the top 5 German Twitch streamers

For our top 5 streamers, we only use the viewer numbers as a basis. Whether you prefer other streamers or someone else actually plays the games much better doesn't matter here. We only use the hard numbers of Twitch subscribers for our list. And of course a disclaimer: On Twitch, not only the players and game characters are in motion, but also the followers. So the top 5 can change every now and then, you're reading here as of early June 2021.

MontanaBlack88 (3.7 million followers) - Monte from Buxtehude

The German Twitch streamer with the most subscriptions (by far) is Monte from Buxtehude, a Twitch streamer with an eventful past. He tells of his path from drug junkie to popular streamer not only live, but also in his biography published as a book. Worth a look for the exciting career of the German-Turkish streamer and advertising producer alone.

The classic
When it comes to games, MontanaBlack88 keeps it classic: Fortnite, FIFA, GTA, Call of Duty and now Genshin Impact. In short, everything that goes down well and is popular. But Monte is always the target of various controversies, which the streamer himself likes to fuel. That's part of the concept, but it often reaches its limits. If Montana Black is not streaming, it is quite possible that Twitch has banned him for a short time.

Trymacs (2.5 million followers) - it comes to a clash

The German streamer Trymacs, whose civil name is Maximilian Alexander Curt Stemmler, actually studied business psychology, even though his studies are currently on hold. That's because video games are currently taking precedence in his business. Especially at the beginning, Trymacs was clever and looked for a market niche: As a German-language streamer of Clash Royale, he conquered his niche and was able to defend and further expand it.

Still the old man
Today, the numbers speak for themselves, but Trymacs has remained true to himself. For years he has been eagerly streaming Clash Royale and other Chlash Games always supplemented by popular titles like Ark. If you're looking in on Trymacs and wondering how the hamburger looks so tall in front of the webcam: he actually measures 1.92m in height.

Letshe (1.6 million followers) - from school to PC

Letshe is not only a streamer, but also an eSports player and professionally active for Team G2 ESports. So if you watch the stream like an average of 10,000 viewers, you'll also see top-level gameplay. The gameplay is mainly Fortnite, because Letshe has to stay in shape for the next international tournaments. Of course, the fast gameplay of Fortnite is not for everyone, and Letshe's stream is clearly aimed at younger viewers. After all, he himself is just 17 years old. Despite his ranking among the top Twitch streamers in Germany, he has remained down-to-earth and is saving up for a house for his family. Unfortunately, that can't be built quite as quickly in real life as it can in Fortnite.

TheRealKnossi (1.6 million followers) - Casino Royale instead of Battle Royale

Jens Heinz Richard Knossalla is not only known to Twitch viewers, but also from various TV formats. Knossi often comments on poker games and that's also his great strength on Twitch. The presenter and entertainer from Baden-Baden won the casting show PokerStars on Pro7 in 2011 and used his poker expertise to make a breakthrough on Twitch.

Casino games
There too, of course, everything is under the sign of the cards; in addition to poker, TheRealKnossi also gambles more frequently on slots and other casino games or invites guests to join him on the show. Due to the elaborate show formats, this almost has something of linear television, so it's a good choice if you need a break from the games.

Rewinsinde (1.6 million followers) - the DJ at the mouse and keyboard

Streamer and YouTuber Rewinside is actually Sebastian Meyer and works part-time as a DJ and music producer. Rewinside also has a huge presence on YouTube and is well positioned on both platforms. When it comes to games, he loves it colorful - from GTA to Fortnite, Call of Duty and Fall Guys, you'll find a colorful selection here. Even away from the games, the streamer can always draw positive attention to himself. On his Minecraft server, the event streamer frequently organized charity events to raise money for a good cause. Even if the server is now a thing of the past.

Germany's most popular streamer

The fact that Gronkh, of all people, the grandfather of German Let's Plays, is not currently in the top 5 may come as a surprise to some. But of course that can change again quickly on Twitch, as gaming has long since become a popular spectator sport. But gaming in front of a larger audience is a very special challenge. The technology has to be ready before the stream, an elegant lighting setup makes the stream more pleasant for the viewers, and after hours in the gamer's chair, the players also know what they have physically done.

Gaming add-on

This is physically and mentally draining and has as much in common with a relaxing round of Candy Crush to wind down as a walk in the park does with an ultramarathon. Accordingly, streamers and gamers with the highest demands also need food for their nerves, brains and fingers. A booster like Loot Drink comes in handy and isn't just for professional gamers - even when things get stressful for you on Battle Island, in the Shrink or on the virtual soccer field, Loot Drink is the perfect mix to help you get into flow state.

Eye, ear and hand

Especially if you're also streaming, reading the chat, squinting at the stream deck with one eye and casually chatting, it can quickly lead to overload. Whether you have millions of subscribers or just a few dozen friends in chat, it hardly makes a difference. So always remember that Loot Drink is there for you when things get a little heated virtually. And if you just want to relax, you can check out the Top 5 Streamers Germany.


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