Advantages of Gaming via VPN Access

Gaming is no longer just playing simple computer games. Real competitions with the potential to win require a lot of data. Ambitious gamers no longer accept this. Security, protection and speed are factors that make exciting game competition possible in the first place and must therefore be compatible. Many gamers have now discovered the numerous advantages of a VPN for themselves. You can find the most important insights about gaming with VPN explained here.

VPN: What is it exactly?

To get to the heart of the numerous advantages of gaming via VPN, you first need to know what VPN is in the first place.

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. And therein already lies the whole secret. The virtual private network is private, not public. It protects your privacy. Through a VPN, your personal data and all online communication is encrypted. All online activities take place through a special VPN server in a specific country. This server is owned by the provider. As a positive consequence, not your own IP address is displayed, but one that belongs to the VPN provider. Your data is safe when gaming, surfing the Internet or corresponding with e-mails.

Gaming via VPN access: The numerous advantages and the high utility effect for gamers

A VPN offers many advantages for gaming. With these six advantages, you'll get the most out of your games, and always with comprehensive protection:

1. avoid delays and long waiting times
2. use gaming servers worldwide
3. bypass country-specific restrictions
4. better privacy through secure gaming
5. DDoS protection
6. excellent multiplayer gaming experience

With these six benefits of a VPN, you'll experience a whole new gaming experience:

1: Avoid delays and long wait times
By improving load times and smooth gameplay without the dreaded annoying delays, VPN usage significantly improves your gaming experience. Depending on the VPN network you use, load times will be significantly optimized. This is of great importance for every gaming fan. Even as an experienced gamer, you know that seconds matter in many computer games.

Extra Tip:
Depending on where the VPN server is located, it can also run the other way around in rare cases. The games will be slower. Before you sign up for a VPN network, find out exactly what the advantages are for gamers. You can find many special VPN networks for computer games online.

2: Worldwide use of gaming servers
One of the most important advantages of gaming via VPN is the use of gaming servers worldwide. You can play computer games from any country. Downloading the important DLC content is also possible worldwide. Access to XBox Live and PlayStation Plus is guaranteed at all times. With these significant improvements through VPN access when gaming, you also avoid the annoying long ping times when traveling.

3: Bypass country-specific restrictions
Region-specific restrictions are a major annoyance for many gamers. Not all games are available in every country at the same time, like in our region. Many games are available earlier in other countries than they are in ours. One of the big advantages of gaming via VPN is trying out new games from other countries before the actual country-specific release date. This is only possible with a VPN, as this does not use your own IP address. The IP address, often underestimated, has a big impact on what you are allowed to do online and what you see for legal reasons. With a different IP address via VPN than your own, you may experience a game much more exciting, as corresponding restrictions are omitted.

Extra Tip:
This way, you can possibly get games and other content cheaper than in our region. You simply dial into the VPN server of a country where your favorite game has a price advantage and purchase it there.

4: Improved privacy through secure gaming via VPN
For all VPN users, optimized privacy is the main reason for using such a network. In online gaming, privacy is even more important. Through a private encrypted gaming network, both your personal data and the files of all players are secured. Therefore, in the age of cybercrime, the solution 'Games via VPN access' is the best alternative to be safe on the net. This way, you leave hardly any traces behind when gaming via VPN access. Other gamers who want to steal your data hardly stand a chance.

5: Protection against DDoS attacks
DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Many gamers know how dangerous this can be, but don't know the true meaning. With a good gaming VPN, you can play relaxed and without any fear of DDoS attacks. Otherwise, it happens from time to time that you get kicked out during a game, which is a big annoyance and disadvantage, especially in a competition. If you run your games via VPN, it is much more difficult for a server in a data center to be taken offline by external DDoS attacks. And if a server should fail, you can easily connect to one of the numerous other servers using a good gaming VPN.

6: Excellent multiplayer gaming experience through VPN access.
Some ISPs block peer-to-peer (P2P) connections. However, these are essential for worldwide multiplayer games. If you're looking for a carefree gaming experience with your friends worldwide, then you need a gaming VPN that supports just that.

Technical requirements for a gaming VPN

As an experienced gamer, you know: Internet games are only really fun with the right technical equipment. The basic requirement for a gaming VPN is a fast, stable Internet connection. Only then can you play without annoying delays. Further components for the ultimate gaming feeling:

- good gaming processor
- modern graphics card
- a super sound system
- effective cooling.

How to find the right gaming VPN for you (three tips)

1. An almost inexhaustible source to find the right gaming VPN is the Internet. There are numerous free VPN options as well as VPNs at moderate or slightly higher costs. You decide individually which VPN suits your gaming ambitions. However, it can be said that professional gamers are more willing to pay for a reliable VPN. The free variants don't always offer the same reliability with an equivalent overall functional scope as the paid solution.

2. Ask your friends from the gaming scene what experience they have had with their VPN access for secure gaming. You might ask experienced gamers to recommend you one or more VPNs.

3. Try out some VPNs for yourself. These can be both free and paid alternatives. Your own experience will help you filter out a suitable VPN for your individual gaming pleasure from the numerous options.

How to get into your VPN-related network

Most gaming VPN offers work as follows:

1. You register with your data (name, possibly address or email, and usually date of birth). For paid gaming VPN, you select a payment option.

2. Afterwards, you dial in to your VPN. With free VPNs, the system will often suggest a server country, while with paid versions, you are often allowed to choose a server country of your choice yourself.

3. Besides access to specific regions, port forwarding is performed. This is one of the most popular aspects of gaming VPN. It allows you to avoid the problem of blocked ports. You can open ports for multiplayer games and enjoy great gaming fun with your friends without annoying blockages.

4. You can now use the US Netflix library or streaming content in a country of your choice and also various game providers.

This sequence of steps is roughly exemplary for many reliable gaming VPN. Keep in mind, however, that these may differ slightly depending on the VPN you choose.


Now you know the biggest advantages of gaming via VPN access. For many friends of the gaming scene today, it is unimaginable to play on the Internet without using VPN. For this reason alone, as a member of the scene, you will want to familiarize yourself with the topic of secure gaming through VPN if you want to be at the forefront of game competitions.

One final tip: you chose your first game carefully. To significantly improve your gaming experience, take enough time to find a suitable VPN solution for yourself.


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