Which gaming chair is the right one for you?

As a good gamer, you should sit in front of the monitor like the king on the throne. Every athlete needs the right tools in terms of ergonomics, comfort and power. You've already got us when it comes to concentration and flow, but that alone won't get your spine any further if the session lasts longer once again... then only the right gaming chair will help you. In this article, we'll show you which seat performs particularly well in the latest tests and what you should look out for when buying.

The test winners among gaming chairs - which criteria are important?

Back pain has long since become an absolute widespread disease in the western world and more and more people are feeling the consequences even at a young age. Sitting for an excessive period of time and, above all, sitting incorrectly are partly responsible, as in this way you put the wrong strain on your spine. At first, this results in tension in the back and neck, and can lead to headaches and concentration problems, and finally to lumbago or a slipped disc. Good ergonomics at the workplace or in front of the gaming PC is therefore crucial to keep your body healthy in the long run. This is usually less important for relaxed gaming on the console from the sofa, but the longer you sit at your desk, the more important a proper gaming chair will be for you sooner or later. It's not for nothing that the chairs of the famous streamers are all real gaming chairs and not cheap office models from the Swedish DIY store. If you want to achieve full performance, you have to set the highest standards for your equipment. The gaming chair is just as much a part of it as the mouse, keyboard and graphics card. Even if it might not be so sexy to brag about how comfortable your chair is... 

In short, you should not do any compromises and choose a chair that has also been tested accordingly! But which test actually? We have summarized the best links to various tests for you here. By the way, there is no dedicated test winner from Stiftung Warentest. The popular test foundation does not have a category for gaming chairs. You can find the Computerbild link here.


The Noblechairs Hero Black Edition scores particularly well in Computerbild, and in addition to the workmanship and support function, the chair, which is kept in black, impresses above all with its timeless chic. You can easily integrate this gaming chair into your gaming equipment and set-up. You can also find more colorful versions of this test winner without any problems. Computerbild also shows a cheaper alternative with the Arozza Vernazza Soft Fabric, which might take some time to get used to on hot days due to the soft upper material. Image link can be found here.


The Recaro EXO is the winner in Bild's comparison, thanks to its easy-care plastic and freely adjustable armrests. The design of Bild's test winner is also sleek and beautiful, but the overall package has a four-digit price tag. With over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, the price-performance winner DXRacer 1 is one of the real mega-sellers, beaten only by the GTPlayer GT002. It even has almost 8,000 reviews and can be leaned particularly far back. For example You can find Chip Link here.


The Ricaro EXO Platinum is also in the testers' favor at Chip. However, you have to decide for yourself whether the test winner is worth the price of a decent gaming PC. The Backforce One also scores very well in Chip and only costs about half as much. The only drawbacks are the armrests and the assembly instructions. You should measure the desk height beforehand and be a bit frustrated, but it should still work.

Which gaming chair suits you best: How do you find your personal test winner?

But in the end, we want to give you a disclaimer: Every gamer has different needs when it comes to comfort. We all move more and less, each of us weighs differently and the desk height, body height and leg length also play a role. You should pay attention to all these criteria when buying a gaming chair and try it out for yourself. A durable gaming chair can cost more than a PS5 and will accompany you for years. Accordingly, you should not make any compromises because you want to save a bit. In addition to the test winner, almost every test also offers price-performance winners, which offer you comfort at a lower entry price.

What is important when it comes to gaming chairs?

If you're now wondering what criteria are used to select a test winner and what expertise you should use to browse for a gaming chair, we've got your back. Metaphorically at least, physically your new chair or armchair should do that. The correct back support is technically called lordosis support. Lordosis are the two curvatures in the cervical and lumbar spine that your chair should provide the proper support for. This way your spine keeps the curvatures it has and doesn't get any new ones. The Titan gaming chairs from Secretlab and Hero from Noblechairs can be adjusted to your individual lordosis, which is obviously the easiest thing to do. Many other chairs rely on supportive cushions instead. Ergonomics is not only important for the back, a real test winner also has to support your arms. They should be at the same height as your table. The backrest, seat and armrests should therefore be individually adjustable to ensure exactly that. Wobbly or poorly manufactured armrests are a real drawback, because they lack the right support. But pure ergonomics isn't always the best choice either, sometimes you might prefer it comfortable. Especially the Hero, which usually scores very well, shows its hard side. Good for a long day in front of the PC, less good for a relaxed lounging session after work. Of course, the maximum load is very important, because you shouldn't exceed it under any circumstances. As a rule, the chairs carry around 130kg, at the peak it is sometimes 150-170kg. But some models like the DXRacer 1 already reach their limit at 100kg. That's often the end of the line for larger men - which is a shame, because the low seat height is otherwise ideal for tall people. And finally, your comfort in hot situations remains as a purchase criterion, i.e.: How sweaty does your gaming chair get? Models made of plastic, such as the Citadel or the GTPlayer, will make you sweat the most. This is not only unpleasant, but can also damage the material in the long run. At the right price, you can easily get one of the test winners, but even with a lower budget, you can still find genuine gaming chairs with a chic design and suitable back support. If in doubt, you should stretch your feet once an hour anyway. You can do that in the lobby or in the battle bus or when you mix your next loot drink.

Sit and play like the big ones (Streamer)

Streamers play all day and usually at an extremely high level. So if you're picking up tricks on gameplay, why not pick up tricks on your gaming chair. For example, what chair does Ninja have and why? Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, sits on MAXNOMIC's Pro Gaming and Office model. But does that make the chair worthy of a recommendation? That's where it gets more difficult, after all, pro gamers and streamers don't necessarily sit on the best and most comfortable gaming chair for them, but instead sign sponsorship agreements. That doesn't preclude having a say, but sponsored posts and brand partnerships are just more advertising than personal tips. They're more tied to manufacturers and models than real recommendations from the most popular gamers. Put on Neymar's Mercurial Vapor for a test and see if you can flick the ball into the corner one after the other. Equipment has to fit you, and if the perfect chair for you isn't a test winner anywhere, but has exactly your dimensions, that shouldn't upset you. You might even be able to snag it as a bargain. In the tests, pay particular attention to the shortcomings and plus points of your desired model.

Conclusion - the importance of the gaming chair for gaming

Stylish design with LED lighting, ergonomic back support, freely adjustable armrests and, of course, relaxed seating comfort - every gamer has different demands on his gaming chair. Ideally, you can try out your new throne and see what suits you. Because even low prices on gaming chairs mean at least 300-400,- Euro, not necessarily little money in a Steam Sale. At the peak, you'll easily pay over 1,000 euros for recommendations and test winners. However, you should never underestimate the importance of a professional gaming chair. Sitting for long periods of time can make you sluggish and harm your back health. The fact that you can make your gaming or streaming set-up more stylish with the perfect gaming chair should only be a bonus. And even if you're not gaming at the mouse and keyboard, but have to spend the day in the home office, a gaming chair is a good choice. With one of the test winners, you can comfortably start your business day and start typing. However, if you're looking for a hybrid for working and gaming, you should at least look for a sleeker design. Models like the DXRacer 1, the SONGMICS or the UMI gaming chair look somehow out of place in the Zoom meeting with the executive suite. 


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