Game release 2022 - Don't miss for these games launches

The year 2022 also has a few novelties in store for the gaming world. An interesting game launch will already take place in January. There will be something for both console fans and fans of the good old computer in the new year. Here you can find out exactly which releases are coming in 2022.

Game launch at the beginning of the year

On January 12, 2022, "Monster Hunter Rise" will be released for the PC via Valve's Steam platform. Until now, the game was only available for the Nintendo Switch. So the long wait is finally over. In the impressive action role-playing game, you explore sprawling areas inspired by ancient Japan, hunt wild monsters with friends or on your own, and craft powerful armor and weapons from your loot. Capcom assured that it plans to integrate all the main content from the Nintendo Switch version into the PC version by November 2022. Also planned for January and eagerly awaited is the open-world adventure "Elden Ring". The action role-playing game impresses with huge fantasy landscapes and numerous dungeons, at the end of which a challenging boss fight awaits. You'll be given a mount to gallop over mountain ranges and lush green plains. You'll play from the third-person view and experience spectacular sceneries. "Elden Ring" will be released as a cross-gen title for Xbox consoles as well as for the PS4 and PS5.

More novelties in the spring

February 2022 will teach you to be afraid. "Evil Dead: The Game" spreads the appropriate creepy factor. In line with the horror classic, Saber Interactive is developing a shooter in which you'll use 25 different weapons to defend yourself. Ash's chainsaw is also included. The famous cabin from the film series is just one of the many maps. Your opponents are, of course, demons. Things are less scary in March. Here, a particularly hot title comes onto the market. The famous series continues with the racing game "Gran Turismo 7". First and foremost, only Playstation owners are happy, because the game is released exclusively for Sony's console. New features include a 4K resolution, ray tracing for better lighting effects, HDR and 60 frames per second. A campaign mode is also playable again. The sequel to "Stasis" from the South African development studio The Brotherhood, which will be released in March, is also worth a look. The isometric adventure game "Stasis: Bone Totem" sticks to its predecessor, which surprised the gaming community in 2015. Whether the two brothers succeed in creating another gripping game with a gloomy atmosphere will soon be revealed.

Release in 2022 during the warm season

"Redfall" is a first-person shooter with an open game world from Bethesda. The game with co-op mode is being developed by Arkane Studios, which is known for games like "Dishonored" and "Prey", among others. In "Redfall" you fight with modern firearms against vampires that are constantly getting stronger due to a failed experiment. Heroes with special abilities support you in your endeavor. The developers have already introduced four of them. The vampire slaughter will start in the summer of 2022. The title is playable on PC and Xbox Series X/S. June holds a game launch for fans of martial arts. "Clash: Artifacts of Chaos" is the name of the title that will involve you in a quest for the artifacts of chaos. As Pseudo, you'll help a young boy and defeat less nice characters with your pure fists. The game works with plenty of mystique and ancient secrets.

Game launches at the end of the year

The 2022 release ends spectacularly. In November, Bethesda Game Studios will release the action role-playing game "Starfield". Millions are already eagerly awaiting the game launch. The title is set hundreds of years in the future and is about adventures in the vastness of space. The sci-fi epic is a large sandbox in which playful freedom is paramount. The design of the spaceships is modeled on real existing NASA stations. You play a human explorer and meet a variety of extraordinary globetrotters. Most of them belong to certain factions, so strategic action is required. Christmas new releases in 2022 include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge for PC and Nintendo Switch. From Manhattan and Coney Island to rooftops and dank sewers, you'll visit various locations from the series. Help the Turtles in the game and support Krang and Shredder in their cunning plan. Action-packed showdowns with the infamous opponents Rocksteady and Bebop await the players. The pizza-loving ninjas of New York City appear on the screen in fancy pixel art.


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