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Was ist der "Flow State?"

What is the "Flow State?"

What is the "Flow State?"

Flow makes life easier and even helps when gambling. But what is "Flow State" anyway and how does it help you if you have it? Why have we created an Extra Flow-State ® formula? All gamers with ambitions should definitely read on here.

What Flow Really Means

When one speaks of "flow" classically in terms of psychology, the conversation revolves around concentrating. It is when we have reached the maximum possible concentration. In concrete terms, this means that we:

  • are so concentrated that we are completely absorbed in an activity
  • feel neither anxiety nor boredom
  • complete tasks more easily and do not experience it as exhausting
  • forget time and the world around us
  • feel good and happy at the same time.

The flow state is similar to a mild intoxication. But you won't find any side effects: you don't feel detached at all, but are really 100 percent with yourself. As you can see, this state is worth striving for, because that's what life should feel like. You probably know flow from your own experience. Children in particular get into it relatively easily. When they play, it happens automatically. With adults, it's a different story. The gray everyday life with its big and small challenges unfortunately includes so many obstacles why we don't get to this point. This is particularly unfortunate because such moments give meaning to life, relieve stress and move us forward. So a "flow" in everyday life would be desirable. Many people find that the easiest way to achieve this is through gaming, where we quickly forget the world around us and get into a "flow". We want to create this flow as long and as well as possible with LOOT. Let's get back to the story: Science has been asking itself: What exactly is a flow state? In fact, the phenomenon has recently been researched in greater detail. The U.S. professor Mihály Csikszentmihályi in particular has made a name for himself in the field. He has written a book on the subject (entitled "Beyond Boredom and Anxiety").

Flow in gaming: It comes easy

Basically, all game developers want you to get into the flow. They deliberately design their final product to make it easy for the players. With a well thought-out selection of music and tasks that neither over- nor under-challenge you, you almost automatically forget your surroundings and only perceive the game - as if through a tunnel. But not every game is made to keep you in your comfort zone all the time. It's not just the e-sports scene that's all about gamers going above and beyond. Some games simply challenge you more than others. For example, the role-playing game Final Fantasy X is getting a bit long in the tooth, but it keeps you in comfortable flow mode almost all the time-at some points, that changes dramatically, which is why the game is so interesting for this topic. The "Fang Fang Chocobo" mini-game in particular remains legendary for its high level of difficulty.

When you have to deliver the flow in gaming itself

In "Fang Fang Chocobo", the goal is to win a race against the software on a sunny yellow giant bird - a Chocobo. Getting to the finish line first is still relatively easy. But to win a unique treasure, you need to do more. On the way to the finish you have to collect balloons and avoid aggressive seagulls. For this you get either a time bonus or penalty seconds each time. The challenge is to cross the finish line with a total time of zero seconds or less. Completing this mini-game perfectly is extremely difficult. Even experienced gamers have thrown in the towel in disappointment as their attention sank with each unsuccessful round, and their willpower along with it. There is no real strategy to work with. Balloons and seagulls appear at every restart by pure chance. The player must be absolutely on his toes, have his reaction under control and fully concentrate on controlling the Chocobo. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, the feathered creature tends to not always follow the commands exactly. Videos prove that the game can be cracked. However, it is advantageous to have enough rest, energy and, of course, flow during the attempts - without actively straining yourself and thinking too much. This is the only way to make it. Of course, this is only one example of many. Games are often designed to put you in this mode, but the most exciting tasks leave you alone. You then have to get the flow going yourself, occasionally with a game booster, to get into a kind of calm focus.

How you get into your flow

A good performance in general will not only make you look good in this or other game highlights. And the good thing is: "Flow" can be improved and trained. Whenever you consciously or accidentally get into it, you make sure that it will be a little easier for you next time. The trained focus will also help you at school, at university and of course at work. Flow research is certain that everyone can learn to consciously reach this state. So if you have lost this innate ability at some point, don't be sad. To get it back, you need something that increases your intrinsic motivation, e.g. because a thing (in gaming or other areas of life) ideally interests and captivates you. And if it doesn't, you should consider how can you get tasks and roles in life that are suitable for you. This is one of the cornerstones of getting as much flow as possible.

Substances and supplements that can increase concentration and stamina

If you haven't consciously worked on getting into and optimizing flow before, you'll probably find the first steps difficult. Gentle aids like coffee will support your Calm Focus-no matter how exciting you find the task or game at hand. With a certain amount of caffeine, attention is within reach. However, filter coffee, espresso and the like have their disadvantages. Not everyone is in the mood for the hot beverage. In addition, the high dose of stimulating caffeine ensures that you quickly become jittery and nervous. Our LOOT DRINK is different. With its selected ingredients it pushes concentration and attention. On the other hand, jitteriness and nervousness do not arise. A real plus is also the variety of flavors: Try out the varieties right away and find your favorite flavor! The next flow with Ultra Focus is already waiting for you. And for trying it out, we have put together extra tasting sets. So that the perfect flow also tastes perfect to you.

Conclusion: Take off in gaming with Flow

The levels won't get any easier, but you'll have the opportunity to improve your reaction and performance in general, while remaining calm at all times. Find the optimal balance between tension and relaxation and get the best out of yourself! With a strong willpower and solid supply of energy, you'll quickly forget your surroundings and rush through a tunnel of pure attention fully focused towards the next victory. Gambling is even easier and more successful with an optimized flow state. But this is not only an advantage during gaming, but also in everyday life. To strengthen it, it is worth taking substances and supplements that can increase concentration and endurance. But even more important is to practice regularly to strengthen your flow muscle.

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